Add Aliens To Levels.


				Add Aliens To Levels
	Before reading this, make sure you understand the process of placing objects as laid out
	in 'HOW2-Place_Objects_In_Levels'.
	Adding aliens rather than objects is very similar. Just select the smiley face as usual and
	click on the 'Object Type' line until it shows 'Alien'.
	You can select what type of alien to paste in the same way as selecting which object to paste,
	and you can specify doors and lifts to be held until the alien is killed in the usual way also.
	Instead of 'start frame' which is not applicable to aliens, you have a 'team' option. A value
	of '-1' represents 'no team', i.e. the alien works alone. Entering a different value allows you
	to place several aliens on the same 'team'. Team members share information about your whereabouts;
	the team member who saw you most recently will tell all the other team members (activating them
	if they are out of range of you) where it saw you. You can set up lots of nice things like
	ambushes in this way (See HOW2-Create_Challenging_Levels for tricks and tips on using things
	like teamwork to cause the player grief)
	Also, by clicking in the edit area with the RIGHT mouse button, you can select the control point
	which the alien will head towards as soon as the game starts. In this way you can set up initial
	alien movements to your satisfaction (e.g. making a squad of aliens run towards where the player
	starts, killing him unless he hides before they get there).

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