Convert Floor Ceiling Graphics.

			Convert Floor/Ceiling Graphics
	For this to work, you must place all your floor and ceiling tiles in a single directory.
	There must be exactly 16 of them, and they must be called
	 . . .
	 . . .
	If you don't have enough different tiles, it's a good idea to have one 'default tile'
	which you make 16 copies of and over-write when you create new ones. This way you can
	test out the ones you HAVE drawn.
	Run the 'FLOORCONVERT' program.
	Use the requester to select the DIRECTORY in which the floor tiles are located. DO NOT
	select an individual floor tile, but make sure their names are visible in the requester.
	The program is fully automatic, loading and converting the graphics, then matching colours to
	the ones in
	for this reason, make sure you have set up the assign for AB3: to the directory you are building
	your game in.
	When the program is finished, just select the save name under which you wish to save the
	floor tile file, and the program will self-terminate after saving is complete.
	See document 'HOW2-Incorporate_Floor_Ceiling_Graphics' for instructions on incorporating them
	into your game.


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