Convert Texture Graphics


			Convert Texture Graphics
	For this to work, you must place all your Texture tiles in a single directory.
	There must be exactly 32 of them, and they must be called
	 . . .
	 . . .

	Textures you want to be used as Glare textures, must be called

         . . .
         . . .

	 Now you can only have 32 of any of these Object using Textures. That is, the index 
        of a Texture and Glare can not collide. I.E. If you have a Glare.2, then there CAN
        NOT be a Texture.2.
	If you don't have enough different tiles, it's a good idea to have one 'default tile'
	which you make 32 copies of and overwrite when you create new ones. This way you can
	test out the ones you HAVE drawn.
	You will then run the 256texture command. to Convert the Textures. It will load these
        texture and then produce a filerequestor. The file requester should point at the
        ab3:Includes directory. The filename should be newtexturemaps (which is the default).
	This is what you want to save it as.

	You will then want to use the 256brighten command, in the ab3: dir. This will prompt
        you to put in the texture file. It IS the ab3:includes/newtexturemaps file, which was
        generated from the 256texture command. This may take a little time. Just a few minutes
        on my Blizzard IV 030/50 (noted by Mike B.). 

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