Define Floor Damage Values and Sound Effects.


			Define Floor Damage Values and Sound Effects
	Each floor tile you draw can have a damage value and sound effect assigned to it, so the player
	can actually hear the difference between each tile!
	To define these values, load the link file into the game linker in the usual way.
	Click on each tile number and type the damage inflicted on the player by that tile. The amount
	you enter will be taken off the player's health every couple of seconds, so don't make it too
	big an amount; about 10 for a really damaging floor, or 4 or 5 for a slightly damaging floor.
	Click on DONE when you've finished, and select MISC -> DEFINE FLOOR FOOTSTEP SOUNDS.
	Click on the number of each tile and select the sound effect most appropriate to the floor tile.
	Click on DONE, and save the link file!

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