Define Player Guns.


				Define Player Guns
	The player is likely to feel a little defenseless without guns to shoot, and indeed you MUST
	have the first weapon defined before you can play the game (the default game link file
	contains one pre-defined weapon, the shotgun).
	You will be shown a list of 10 guns, along with various items of information:
		Click to type a new name for the gun.

		Click, and then select a bullet from the list shown. This is the type of bullet
		the gun will fire.
	Bullets Fired/Shot
		Click and type a number from 1 upwards. Only used by instant effect bullets, so
		shotguns can be double-barrelled and fire two bullets (either of which has an
		independant chance of hitting the target).
	Delay between shots
		A value in 50ths of a second representing the delay between the gun firing successive
		times. Thus a machine gun might have a value of 5, a rocket launcher a value of 50 or
		100. Of course, you could always have a rapid-fire rocket launcher....
	Gun SFX
		Click and select a sound effect for the gun to trigger when you shoot.
	On Screen Object
		Click and select an object whose COLLECTED/ACTIVATED/DESTROYED frames are set up to
		work as the gun. See
		for instructions.

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