Add Teleporters to Levels.


			Add Teleporters to Levels
	Teleporters are a very useful feature of the game. You can make them obvious, with
	trademark glowing floors and ceilings or particular graphics, or invisible, so players
	wandering unwarily down a corridor will find themselves chucked into the middle of a bloodbath!
	Teleporters are also very easy to implement. Just bear a few things in mind:
	1. Teleporters move the player to a different part of the level, but retain his height relative
	   to the ground; ie if he jumps into the teleporter he will appear at the same height above his
	   landing spot as he was above the teleporter, even if the teleporter is higher or lower than
	   the arrival spot. Because of this, you must ensure that a teleporter has NO HIGHER A ROOF
	   relative to the floor than the arrival point, otherwise it might be possible for the player
	   to materialize in the middle of the roof!
	2. Teleporters don't teleport bullets, but they DO teleport aliens, so be careful if you don't want
	   that to happen. On the other hand, if you DO want it to happen, you can place a control point
	   in the teleport, and one at the arrival point, and link them in ONE direction only. Aliens will
	   then happily wander into teleports if they know they can get to you by doing so, but won't
	   attempt the return journey.
	3. Teleporters won't teleport something into the space occupied by another object. This is handy
	   in some respects, because you can lay traps where if the player collects a gun or medipac
	   or similar object, aliens can teleport to the location. In other respects it isn't so useful
	   because if an alien or an object is too near the arrival point, the teleport won't activate when
	   the player walks into it. Try to stop aliens from wandering around arrival points as it can
	   be very frustrating for the player when the teleport he needs to proceed further doesn't work!

	In the level editor, with your level loaded, click on the TELEPORT icon. This looks like a
	curving red arrow leaving a point and touching down elsewhere, and is located midway along the
	bottom row.
	Select the zone you wish to make a teleport with the RIGHT mouse button. Click on the arrival
	point with the LEFT mouse button. If you click with the left mouse button OUTSIDE the map
	area, the teleport will be cancelled or deleted.

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