Draw Texture Graphics.


			Draw Texture Graphics
	Texture graphics MUST be drawn individually on 32 colour screens. They must be drawn as a
	64*64 pixel square located in the top left hand corner of the screen you draw them on.
	Each texture picture can have its own 32 colour palette independant of the other textures.
	There must be 32 of them before they can be used in the game, although you can always make
	32 copies of a 'default' texture, and replace them as you design new ones.
	They MUST be located, for compatability, in the directory:
	And they MUST be called either
	where X is a number from 1 to 32.
	GLARE textures are special. You MUST draw them in the 32 colour palette provided
	on the editor disk:
	When drawing a GLARE texture, anything left BLACK is perfectly transparent.
	Anything drawn in shades of WHITE will appear 'added' to the background in the game, so
	dim white will look pale and transparent, whilst bright white will look solid and, well,
	Shades of RED represent progressively more opaque shades of shadow, with BRIGHT RED representing
	almost pure black. Smoke and other effects can be created using these shades.
	REMEMBER: you MUST use the palette provided for the effect to work!
	GLARE textures can only be used on GLARE polygons, and TEXTURE textures can only be used on NON-
	GLARE polygons.

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