Incorporate Object Graphics.


				Incorporate Object Graphics
	Before any aliens or pickups can be defined, you must provide the graphics for them, and before
	you can do that, they must be converted using the appropriate supplied utilities. Please refer
	to the document
	for full instructions on creating these files.
	Assuming you have converted some object graphics and wish to use them in the game, here is how
	to go about incorporating them:
	1. Load the GAMELINKER program and load the 'TEST.LNK' file in the usual way.
	3. You will see a list of currently loaded graphics and a blank space for inserting a new one.
	   Either click on one to replace, or click on the blank space. In either case, you must use the
	   LEFT mouse button. Use the requester which appears to select EITHER the '.ptr' or
	   '.wad' file produced by the convertors.
	4. Assuming all is well, the filename will appear in the list on the screen. Now you must define
	   the frames of animation within the file. Click on the name but this time with the RIGHT mouse
	5. You will be shown a strip of the graphics, in the height you converted them. Do not worry if
	   the palette is not right; this is a failing of AMOS. The following will be shown also,
	   at the bottom of the screen:
	   X,Y			These are the mouse coordinates within the graphic file. Clicking with the
	   			LEFT mouse button with the cursor within the graphic file area of the
	   			screen copies the X and Y value shown into the FRAME LEFT and FRAME TOP
	   			values below.
	   SCROLL RIGHT		These buttons can be clicked upon to scroll the graphic file across to
	   			display parts of it currently off-screen.
	   FRAME NUMBER 	This is the frame number you are currently defining, from 0 to 31.
	   PREVIOUS/NEXT FRAME	Changes the current frame number.
	   FRAME LEFT		These values represent the left side, top side, width and height of the
	   FRAME TOP		current frame. You can click upon and type to change any of them, the
	   FRAME WIDTH		idea being that they enclose each seperate 'frame' of animation you
	   FRAME HEIGHT		have designed.
	   Copy width/height	These options allow you to quickly copy the width and height you have typed
	   to previous/next	into the current frame into all previous or succeeding frames.
	   GENERATE FRAMES	If you have drawn and converted the graphics in line with the guidelines
	   FROM GRAPHIC DATA	set down in the document 'HOW2-Convert_Object_Graphics', you can shortcut
	   			this whole process and click on this button. The position and size of all
	   			the frames will be defined. However, you cannot use this function if some
	   			frames are different sizes, or located at different heights within the
	   			graphic file. In such cases you must simply type or click all the values in
	   DONE			return to graphic file list

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