Incorporate Sound FX.


					Incorporate sound effects
	Sound effects in AB3DII are a little restricted, because of the 8-channel feature. They
	will only ever be played at about 8000hz, which is usually referred to as 'C2' in packages
	like Octamed or Protracker. They must also be a multiple of 200 bytes in length. Finally,
	they must cover NO MORE THAN HALF of the full scale deflection available. In other words,
	if you have an ordinary sample, you must HALVE its volume before you can use it in AB3DII.
	Oh, and the sample must be saved in RAW format.
	Assuming you have, or have created, some samples in this format, you can incorporate them:
	1. Load the link file into the GAMELINKER as usual.
	2. Select SAMPLES -> Set SFX Filenames
	3. Click on any of the sample spaces and select your sample using the requester.
	4. Click on 'DONE' and save the link file!

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