Additional Remarks. Remarks.

	A special note on textures. Before you start saying, Oh no, I'm limited 
    on textures for my game, certain things should be clarified. The most limiting
    for textures in floors snd ceilings. Since you have only 16 of them, you should
    think of 16 main textures you can use for them. It's not so bad, since you
    normally wont use much differing textures for Floors and Ceilings anyway. Most
    architectures I know, don't exactly go crazy with those. You can have loads of
    wall textures, however. Wall Textures have their own set, and since you can 
    choose (to some extent) what part of each graphic to map to a wall, you can 
    align multiple wall textures together, side by side, in a single wall graphic.

        The gamelinker also allows for you to set up a number of different wall
    files to be used with the game.

	Textures, for objects. So, you have 32 of them. Well, one thing is, that
    you can put multiple tiles for a single texture, if your size is not too 
    demanding. Also, you, under many cases, can benefit by thinking of textures
    as materials. Instead of making a few wood textures, you can make only 1 or
    two wood textures ever. This is because, not only can you select exactly what
    part of the Texture to use as an object polygon surface, you can use the same
    function of the editor to do realtime warping or bending of a texture, onto
    the surface. So if you have a straight-lined wood texture, you can bend it
    to a more circular or curvy texture for use on the object. The editor, and
    game support realtime texture warping. A Very nice feature, which greatly
    expands the amount of textures you really have.


	Well, I hope you can make good use of this guide file. As usual, with an 
    initial release, things may have been left out. Others are planned for a 
    future release. One of the things, is to make the guide file adhere to the
    79 column max standard. Also, more than the use of Retrace to get back to the
    Index. I've been toying with the possibility of adding links to little audio
    digitized sound bites, voice, and perhaps some graphical picture links. Well, 
    the last stuff isn't of priority, right now. Perhaps during a time I have more
    time on my hands.

	Any special content suggestions can be emailed to me, at the address below.
    Also, if you have found some neat special abilities, of the editors, not mentioned
    here, let me know; I'd love to include them.

    --- Mike Bromery.

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