Battling and Weapons

Battles are the most predominant occupation for the Tekite droid. The better the
weapon(s) a Tekite has, the greater the chance of defeating the Kapone empire. If
you are having difficulty surviving battles then try looking at the  Hints & Tips  

Laser Sword: This is the weapon that all Centurions have built in. It is a
simple weapon and is one of the few that can cause droid stunning. It uses low power
and provides an effective means of destroying Kapones. This weapon is a single beam,
chest firing weapon with a short range.

The sword supplies an electrical charge to its tip, this can be used to damage the
control of enemy droids. When droids are damaged they will become erratic in their
movement for a short time. If you continue to use the sword on them in this state
you will eventually destroy their internal circuitry causing them to become inactive. 
When they are in this state, you may access their download circuitry and perform a
 Data Download .

Phaser Gun: The phaser gun is a fast single shot firing gun that supplies
short phaser blasts from the chest centre. It is a longer range weapon and has more
power in its shots than the sword but is not able to stun, only destroy. It can be
quite useful when fully enhanced. 

Blaster: The blaster is a very good weapon for quick battles. It uses a twin
firing mechanism from the Tekites arms and is best used with both shots lined up on
an enemy. It has far more power then a phaser but over-heats quicker. This weapon will
quickly dispose of most enemy droids.

Mega Blaster: The Mega-Blaster is a similar weapon to the blaster but fires
five blasts at a time in a spread fashion. This is very useful when attacking or
defending against multiple enemies. However care should be taken if you have allies in
the same room as they spread effect may hit them.

Flame Thrower: This weapon will fire a blast of flame from both arms. It is
very effective in short range combat destroying most enemy very quickly. However,
without a heat resistant barrel it is only usable for a few shots. It is also limited
by range. This weapon is better against aliens that can feel pain rather then metallic

Disrupter: The disrupter fires a ball of plasma from the Tekite. This will
have a similar effect on the enemy as the sword. However the disrupter is a long range
weapon and far more powerful. It is quite capable of damaging a Kapones circuitry with
a single hit.

This weapon is most useful in stunning Kapones for access.

FPL: The weapon fires a twin laser bolt in very rapid time.This weapon when
fully enhanced is probably the most effective weapon you have to choose from. However,
keep an eye on your ammunition when using this.

Rockets: The Tekite is capable of rocket fire similar to that of the Kapone
warrior. You have an advantage in that you can fire twin rockets. This weapon is the
most powerful one available and also the most drain on ammunition.

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