(23-Nov-96) v2.0
	 Full version releases from now on
	- Save game bug fixed.
	- Miscellaneous text corrections.
	- Save file requester color change.
	- Dash weapons icons should now be correct.
	- Workbench exit fixed.
	- Sliding now occurs on collision with surface objects.
	- All four hovarwar levels complete (additional levels
	  may be added later).
	- Orderform and guide price updated.
	- File requesters improved.
	- Reverse TABCycle in OpFolder fixed.
	- HovarWar startup bug fixed.
	- Improved surface sectors.
	- Added surface negatron weapon.
	- Pause mode added to HovarWar.

(24-Sep-96) v1.3
	- Final screen can now be exited by the correct keys.
	- Fixed library startup problem when launching
	  game from WorkBench (no austex.library msg).
	- Palette color bug fixed.
	- Minor cosmetic rooms changes.

(16-Aug-96) v1.2
	- Fixed minor copper related bugs

(28-Jul-96) v1.1
	- Message window update bug fixed
	- Fixed bug with file load corruption on surface
	- Fixed bug with operation time calculation
	- Terminal window error message color fixed

(04-Jul-96) v1.0 Changes since beta release 6.550
	- Window rendering changed (slightly faster)
	- Bugfix: Colonist freeze problem corrected.

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