Selecting this icon will bring up a display of all the current messages you have
received. These may be internal or external messages depending on how you obtained

This icon will flash when an external message has been received, this will also be
accompanied by a ringing sound if it is a priority message. Simply click on the
gadget to bring up the communication window. The left list of names refers to the disks
or broadcast messages to read. If the message is from a message disk, then it will say
"DISK". If the message is from a broadcast reception, then it will say
"BCST". The number after each of these refers to the date stamp associated with
that message.

Selecting one of the messages in the list will be highlighted and the message will be
displayed in the read area on the right. You can use the gadget scroll bar and up/down
gadgets to view long messages.

The dashboard icon layout is  here. 

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