EAGLE-V Weapons System

The Eagle-V can be fitted with 8 weapon types, some of these weapons employ
auto-targetting of hovars. To use auto-targetting you must first be in forward view
with the H.U.D. enabled. The H.U.D. will auto-target the nearest hovar within the
H.U.D. display and within firing range. The detected hovar will then have a yellow
diamond drawn around it. To select that hovar as a target, press the "T" key and the
yellow diamond will turn red. Also, the name of the detected hovar will appear in the
top left corner of the viewing screen.

A missile can now be launched by pressing the fire button (or return key or "A' on the
keyboard). The hovar will remain targetted whilst within  range, but doesn't have to
be within view. If the selected Hovar moves out of range, you will lose target

To de-select a target, press the "T" key again and the red diamond will disappear 
allowing you target a different Hovar.

The eight weapons available are:

Laser: This weapon is supplied at the commencement of the game. It is a
direct firing weapon meaning that it will fire a laser bolt in the direct line the
hovar is facing. This weapon is quite satisfactory especially when enhanced.

HS 1200 Missile: This is a heat seeking guided missile. As with both types
of missiles it can not be launched until an auto-target has been selected (see auto
targetting above). This missile is a very fast missile with a destructive payload.
The missile follows its target using heat seeking technology. This is not as accurate
as laser guidance but is much cheaper. This weapon is best used to destroy stationary
ground targets or hovars flying in a fast straight line.

LG 0500 Missile: This is a laser guided missile and uses the same method of
targeting as the HS 1200 Missile. This missile has a very accurate targeting system
and is quite useful in dog fight situations. Its destructive payload is not as
powerful as the HS 1200 but it should be able to destroy most hovars with a single
missile. Don't waste this missile on stationary ground based targets.

Plasma Bolt: The plasma bolt weapon will launch a ball surrounded by plasma
energy. This is also an excellent weapon for dog fighting. It does not need to be
targeted before firing, the hovar should be aimed in the direction of the target
before firing. It does have a very simple guidance system that allows it to curve
towards moving targets but generally its not considered as a guided weapon.

Missile decoy: This weapon is for defensive purposes. When fired it is
launched from the rear of the hovar. It is a small homing module that will causes
all enemy missiles to change target to itself. It does not effect your own missiles
targets. It will be destroyed when hit by a missile or after a period of time.

Laser II: This is a twin bolt laser that operates exactly the same as the
first laser. It simply fires two bolts at a time instead of one.

Plasma Bolt II: Once again this is a repeat of the Plasma Bolt weapon but
it fires twin plasma bolts.

Negatron: Oh, I don't know, something awesome I s'pose.

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