Elderado Computer

All computer systems within Elderado stations are networked to the base
station underground. From these terminals you can access the following menus;

	 	Access Hovar Supply
		If you need to buy weapons or ammunition for your 
		Hovar,then use this menu.

	 	View Hovar status
		Select this menu to view the current status of your 
		Hovar vehicle, prior to departing the station. It is 
		advisable to do so before leaving as the vehicle 
		may be sabotaged during the Phase II operations.

	 	View Hovar Weapons Status
		This will display the weapons fitted to your Hovar.

	 	View Kill sheet
		A log of all kills performed during the game are 
		shown here for your information. This is broken 
		down into "Droids" destroyed and "Hovars" 

To leave the Elderado foyer and return to the Hovar room simply move towards
the open edge of the room and you will appear back to the view of your Eagle-V.

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