General Information

This icon will bring up the information window. This window displays information
regarding your general status on the left and the personal modules you are currently
using on the right. The information supplied is as follows;

		Current Location
		Whilst in a base this will tell you of the current base 
		name. If you are on the surface then the type of 
		Hovar you are currently in will be displayed.

		Current room
		The name of the room you are currently in. If you 
		are on the surface then your current sector location 
		will be displayed instead.

		Intercorp Credits
		The amount of credit you have earned. You must 
		have a credit card before you can collect and use 
		credits. Some computer systems will not function 
		until you insert a credit card.

		Data Downloaded
		The amount of data that you have downloaded 
		from enemy droids.

		Operation Time
		This is the amount of time you have spent on the 
		current operation.

		Time left
		The time you have before Phase III commences 
		(refer to briefing). All your allotted operations must 
		be completed before Phase III commences.

		Current legal status
		Your current legal status could either be "lawful", 
		"rogue", or "criminal". Inadvertent shooting of 
		colonists will bring about a "rogue" rating. 
		Continual killing of colonists will inevitably bring the 
		wrath of other Tekites upon you.

		Colonists left
		The current number of colonists left in the base to 

		Commanders left
		The number of Kapone Commanders left in the 
		base to destroy or capture. Generally there will 
		only be one Commander per base.

The dashboard icon layout is  here. 

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