Hints & Tips

	If you are having difficulty completing operations or find yourself
	continually dying, then this section may help you.  However, if you
	are doing fine, then don't read this section as you may get more
	satisfaction working out game strategies yourself.

	 Make sure you understand the operation objectives, don't just kill
	anything that moves as you may fail an operation objective. In particular,
	be aware in surface operations of the direction to travel to locate
	any required structures.

	 Make sure you search all room objects as you will often find objects
	to enhance your weapons or yourself.
	 When you first commence, your weapons are fairly limited. However, you
	can still battle against a Kapone droid with the laser sword and win.
	Stay at a reasonable distance to a Kapone and it will try to fire a
	rocket at you. As soon as it raises its arm to fire, move to the side 
	and move in close and use the laser sword before it can drop its arm down 
	and attack you. Don't wait until it has actually started the rocket firing
	as this is too late.  Do this a few times and you will soon stun the droid.
	When doing this, make sure you have the "caps lock" key on so that you
	are moving at full speed.
	 After stunning any droids make sure you destroy them. It is possible
	that they maybe carrying objects you may need. Destroying them will make
	them drop any objects they may possess.
	 Don't forget to use the weapon enhancments, as they will improve the
	power and efficiency of the weapons. For example, a fully enhanced
	Mega-blaster will easily take care of anything you meet in the game.
	 Early in the game you need to gain credits to buy more weapons. It's
	better to stun droids and download their information before destroying
	 When you come across a Kapone Commander, you will need fairly heavy
	weapons	to destroy it. In the early operations, don't try and take them
	on with the Laser Sword or Laser Gun. There will always be sufficient
	Timed Explosive Devices (TED) hidden to allow you to destroy it. If you
	waste your TEDs, then you're in trouble. It is possible to destroy them
	with a Laser gun, but it does take some skill.
	 Having a hard time geting passed those black guns that pop-up out of
	the floor.  Well there are two points to consider here.  Firstly, they
	mainly only shoot when you are moving or firing your weapon.  You can 
	sometimes manouver around a room slowly and they won't fire much.  Secondly
	they can't rise up if you place something on them.  Try shooting them and
	when they drop down, place something from your inventory on them.

	 If your still having trouble surviving, then try going to the surface
	as soon as you have destroyed the communications room in operation Blackout.
	At this time the Kapone hovars attack in small numbers, so fly around 
	destroying them and build up your credits.  Then return to the base and 
	purchase better weapons.
	 If you still can't survive after all these hints, then seriously, you
	aren't a very good games player are you!.

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