Activating this icon will bring up the base map window while inside a base or a
surface map while in your hovar vehicle.

Base Map: This window will display the current map of the base you have
currently explored. You can zoom in and out using the In/Out gadgets. The
Centre gadget will re-draw the map with the room in the centre of the map
being the current room you are in. You can scroll around the map area by moving the
mouse pointer about the map and pressing the Left mouse button as the pointer changes
into one of eight different directions. The size of this scroll area depends upon the
amount of the base area you have explored. Selecting the find button will bring up a
string requester for you to enter a name. You may enter a room name to search for,
the name can be complete or just the first couple of letters. When you the return
key the map will be centred over the room, however this will not locate rooms that
you have not already been to and are visible on the map. SetMark and ClearMark
are all disabled whilst in the base.

Surface Map: The surface map is similar in operation to the base map. All of
the known sectors are displayed here and may update depending on what new places you
discover. The SetMark gadget is used to mark a position on the map to be
used as a reference point. The ClearMark gadget clears the reference point from
the map.

The dashboard icon layout is  here. 

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