Operation Folder

This gadget (or pressing the "f" key) will give you access to your personal operations 
folder. The operations folder is divided horizontally into two areas. The upper area
displays a list of operation names to select, the credits you have earned per
operation and the status of each operation. The bottom area displays the operation 
details of the selected operation.

To select an operation to read, move the mouse pointer over the operation name and 
press the left mouse button. This will highlight the operation name and display the 
details of this operation in the lower area.

The status of an operation is either "Incomplete" this indicates that not all
objectives for an operation have been completed. "Complete", indicates all
objectives have been met and the operation is finished.

Lastly, "Failed" this means that an important objective can no longer be
completed due to some action or in-action on your part.

If an operation has failed it may be possible to complete the remaining objectives
and still earn some credits for the operation, but the amount of credits will be far 
less and the status will still remain as "Failed".

Pressing the "Objectives" gadget on the bottom right of this window will display
the main objectives necessary to complete the currently selected operation.

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