Personal Modules

On the right hand side of the system window is a section which has six small module 
slots (black squares). This is where your personal modules will be inserted as you 
collect or purchase them. By double clicking on any of these modules with your left 
mouse button, a red square will appear around the module (indicating it's selected) 
and a small window will appear giving a short description of this module.

There are six different personal enhancement modules that can be attached to you.
These are;

		Room sensor
		Used to indicate if there are any objects within the 
		current room which can be collected.

		Energy enhancer
		This module will decrease the energy drain when 
		being attacked.

		Energy regenerator
		This module increases your energy at an 
		accelerated rate.

		Optic enhancement
		The optic module increases your perception of 
		holographic images.

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