Selecting this gadget (or pressing the "O" key) will bring up the preferences window.
You can control some in-game functions such as the sound effects and your Centurion
name. The default name is "Bluebeard".

No Background Music/Fx turns off all music and background effects.

Background Music will play a music file instead of background effects. You
can supply your own music files to play if you wish. To play these, you need to use the 
preferences program.

Background FX plays different effects depending on what room you are in.

Use Sound FX allows all explosions and weapons sounds to be heard. This
option is independant from the background sounds.

Non-active window pause mode is used whenever you want to switch to the
Workbench screen and automatically pause the game. When you click the left mouse
button in the game window, the game will resume.

Close window on move is used to quickly close a window down whenever you
move. If de-selected, a window will remain open while you move. This can be of a 
benefit on the surface while using the map.

Alternate control  provides the player with a 30 rotation of the controls
so that the forward of the joystick or keyboard equivalent will move the player
directly upwards on the screen, rather than the default move to the top-right. Other 
directions are rotated accordingly.

Detail Low-Ultra selects the detail level of 3D objects in the surface section.
You should select this before going to the surface.

Render accuracy enables or disables the dither mode for 3D objects.

Twinkling stars enables or disables twinkling stars on the 3D backdrop.

Backdrop scenery enables or disables the backdrop on the surface.

Object lights enables or disables flashing lights on hovars and buildings. 

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