UropaČ is shareware. The game is restricted is some ways and if you pay the fee
those restrictions are lifted. 

Please print out the form "OrderForm" in the documents directory of UropaČ and fill
in your details. No order will be processed unless it is signed. By signing the order
form, you agree to only install the keyfile onto one computer and also not to give
the keyfile to others.

Keyfile via e-mail

	Cash               AUS$30 (US$25)
	Postal Money Order AUS$30 (US$25)
        Direct debit       AUS$30 (US$25)
	Foreign Check      AUS$40 (US$32)

Keyfile via mail

	Cash               AUS$40 (US$32)
	Postal Money Order AUS$40 (US$32)
        Direct debit       AUS$40 (US$32)
	Foreign Check      AUS$50 (US$40)

Full version via mail

	Cash               AUS$45 (US$36)
	Postal Money Order AUS$45 (US$36)
        Direct debit       AUS$45 (US$36)
	Foreign Check      AUS$55 (US$44)

        Direct Debit to:
        Name:    Austex Software
        Bank:    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
        Code:    064834
        Account: 1009-9225     
	Note:    - Make sure all charges are paid at your end.
                 - Please enter your name or email on the transfer form.

The full version (minus keyfile) will be freely available, so you can save
some money by obtaining the game from such sites as the Austex Web Site,
Aminet or a local BBS.

NOTE!!A quick way to obtain your keyfile would be to direct debit our bank account
and fax your signed order form to us.

Mail or fax your order to:

		P.O. BOX 48
		Queensland 4817
		Fax: +61 77 716098

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