Most bases will have a supply room from which to purchase miscellaneous goods. These 
rooms will contain various items from food to personal enhancement devices.

To use buy goods from this room, you need to have a U.C.C. (Uropa Credit
Card). Insert this card into the supply computer to get access to the supply menu.
Supply menu will list the item types available in the current room. Selecting one of 
the item types will then bring up a sub-menu which will list all the items of that
type with the prices and quantity available. Selecting on each item will add one to
the amount you want whilst subtracting the quantity left. The total price will
increase accordingly.

You may either accept the order or cancel at this stage. Once an order has been
accepted, the items will be placed in your main inventory and credits deducted from 
you credit card. If there is no room left in you inventory for these items, then an
error message will appear.

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