Uropa FAQ

Q. The game says it can't find the austex library?
A. You are probably running kickstart <v36. Copy the .library files from the
   main UropaČ directory into your libs: directory.

Q. What Amiga do I need to run the game?
A. The minimum system required to run the game is a 68000 CPU, 1.5Meg
   of RAM (of which 1Meg has to be Chip Memory), and a hard drive.
   However, we highly recommend a 68020 or greater CPU and 1Meg or more
   of Fast Memory. Also, the game requires a Hard Drive.

Q. The game screen flickers horribly, especially when I move the mouse
A. Turn off any FastBlit programs you might be running. This should help.

Q. The game seems slow on my AGA machine even though I have a fast processor
   and lots of fast memory?
A. Mode promotion could be a cause. The game will run promoted, but it does
   slow the game down somewhat.

Q. I received a message saying I failed this operation, but I still can't
   select the next operation?
A. Before you are allowed to select the next operation you must still complete
   the remaining objectives.  Failure of one objective doesn't stop you from
   completing the others for an operation.

Q. Sometimes when I change the detail level while on the surface, I seem
   to be trapped and can't move?
A. Some objects are added to the playing area when in a higher detail level.
   It is possible to be in the same physical position as these objects and
   causes a collision which stops you from moving. The solution is to change
   the detail level to low, move away, then reset the detail level. As a 
   general rule, you should set the detail level before entering the surface

Q. How do I get back objects that colonists pick up?
A. Use the colonist interface and ask for the objects back. If there's room
   in your inventory, you'll get them.
Q. What about objects carried by colonists that are transported to the
A. Any objects they carried are deposited in the Elderado station foyer. Go
   there and pick them up.

Q. The colonists won't follow me into a security room. Why not?
A. Access the security room computer and unlock the doors. The colonists can't
   open locked doors.

Q. A screen comes up after I finished some operations, but the image is corrupted?
A. Turn off any mode promotion utilities you may have running.

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