Weapon Inventory

This icon will bring up a window containing your current inventory of weapons, weapon 
enhancements and rounds of ammunition.

The top row of selection boxes can each contain a weapon. The small indent bar above 
each of these boxes indicates the amount of effectiveness the weapon has. The bar below 
each of these boxes indicates the rounds of ammunition that weapon contains.

The second row of six selection boxes can each contain up to nine weapon enhancement 
modules. Each of these modules can be attached to any of the weapons in the above row.

To add a weapon enhancement to a weapon, you click on the box containing the
enhancement, and by dragging the mouse whilst holding the left mouse button down, you 
move the icon image of that module over to the weapon you wish to enhance. Simply let 
go of the left mouse button  once you have the enhancement icon over that weapon, it 
will then be attached to that weapon.

Each weapon may be reloaded with ammunition via the reload button at the bottom of the 
window. Simply select the weapon you wish to reload by clicking on it's box, then press 
the reload button.

The dashboard icon layout is  here. 

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