Release-Date: 11/97

The creators: FUTURE TALES

PHOENIX is a cocktail of realtime-3D-dogfight, adventure and trading simulation. Basically it`s some kind of WingCommander with elements of ELITE, but with a strong, linear storyline which is set in 4 different star-systems.

PHOENIX has been created and and designed by Emmanuel Henné, a computer artist who already contributed to TRAPPED! and Hollywood Pictures. To create an Amiga game smiliar to Origin`s PRIVATEER saga is his dream, and to push the AGA-chipset to it`s limit is the goal.

The programming part is directed by 3-D-topace Markus Poellmann, who demonstrated his programming abilities with upcoming racing sensation FLIYN HIGH.

The epic soundtrack will be directed and composed by Markus Castren, who`s coming right from the demo-scene to contribute to a real game.

The technique

PHOENIX`s 3-D-engine is based on the latest, hottest chunky-to-planar-routines and pushes the AGA chipset to it`s limits by offering a fully textured polygon-engine. Exspect highly detailed starships like You`ve never seen before on a native Amiga screen, together with colourfull backgrounds consisting of clouds, planets and suns. These suns are not just ordinary bitmaps, they are lightsources that will produce the popular lenseflares in realtime, when You take a look at Your ship from the outside ! You will discover small, agile hunters, big, slow cargo freighters and gigantic space stations.

The adventure part

In the adventure-story, You`ll fly to exotic places at the border of the known galaxy. You`ll encount strange and bizarre aliens, but even more strange humans You can talk to! PHOENIX`s adventure part offers of course 256 colours throughout. Most of the graphics have been raytraced on a powerful Blizzard1260-equipped Amiga1200 with 16 MB fastram. The fantastic environments and animations have been designed and raytraced with CINEMA 4D, the popular semi-professional 3-D-package. Other graphics have been drawn with the godfather of paintprograms, the famous and traditional Deluxe Paint V. They were first scribbled in grayscales, then colourised in Ham-8 plus 24-bit, then refined with the outstanding Photogenics 24-bit-image processor and finally colour-reduced with the brilliant Personal Paint ! Yes, we are proud to say that the complete artwork of PHOENIX has been developed exclusively with Amiga hard- and software !


Hardware requirements


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