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Welcome to my Amiga Next Generation database and guestbook. The form below makes it possible for you to add a note to my guestbook or add general links or articles to a database. There are three different types of operations you can do with this form: Add, View and Search. These features will be described in the following sections.

The add operation

To make a guestbook entry, write an article, add a link to the database, you have to enter the following information:

  1. Title: The title will be the headline of your entry and if a webaddress is entered, the title will be the text of the weblink. If you want to write an article, use the title as the title of the article.
  2. Category: The category is used to distinguish between different groups of information in the database. If you want to be in the guestbook, choose guest. If you want to add something software related choose software etc. Note: If you click on the Category link, you can add your own categories.
  3. Document type: This option makes it possible to choose if you want to enter a article, a webpage, a guest entry etc. Note: If you click on the Document type link, you can add your own document type.
  4. Name: Your name
  5. Email: Your email address if you got one. If you don't have any, leave this option empty!
  6. Webpage: Your webpage address or a webpage you want to relate the entry to. If you don't have any webpage you want to add, leave this option empty!
  7. Message: Here you can write a message to me, write an article etc...

The View operation

The view operation is used to look what is in the database. There are two filters for the view operation:

The Search title, name, email, message operation

It is also possible to search the database. You have to choose if you want to search for a title, a name or a message and then add the search keywords in the respective field (Name field when searching for names etc..). Note that if you search for titles, only exact matches will be shown. Note also that the Category and Document type filters as described here works for the search operation too.

Alf Inge Wang
Last modified: Wed Oct 21 13:12:53 MET DST 1998