Anders Christensen

«Who am I?» Well, currently I'm an under-paid and over-worked senior engineer at the Dept of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU. As for the mischief that I've done in the past, I've prepared a sort of CV.

How to get hold of me? Hmmm, if you are really sure that you want to do that, you might find the following information useful:

Office: Elektro E-253
Phone: +47 735 93681
Fax: +47 735 94466

Dept of Computer and Information Science (IDI)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
N-7034 Trondheim

+47 73 53 28 48
(Yes, please, do call me at 4am to tell me that the system is down, the servers are not booting, the network is disconnected, the disks have crashed, the OS is braindead, and that the software is buggy!)
Frostaveien 6
N-7043 Trondheim

But beware that in general, I am difficult to get hold of ... And note that there are no cellular phones and no beepers, thank God!

Here are some of my interests, old misdeeds, current project etc, in a rather unstructured way.

So, what do I look like!? Chronological, I look something like this:

They keep telling me that I am responsible
hmmm, I really need to look up that word in the dictionary!

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