My Filofax

I really depend on my Filofax. If I forget it or loose it, I tend to get confused, frustrated and very upset. My worst nightmare is having my Filofax stolen.

Do you know those small, useful fact-sheets in the Filofax. Those listing shoe-sizes and metric conversion tables? I like those, except for the fact that they never list what I really need. So, I decided to make my own, computer-oriented fact sheets.

Below are listed all (well, most of...) the fact sheets that I've made. There are two versions of each. First a gif-picture, which is only ment for a preview, and a PostScript version. If you print out the PostScript version on a doublesided printer, then you get three copies of that sheet.

What if you are an American and you don't have A4 paper sheets. Sorry, life is tough!

Now, suppose you want to print them out. First of all, I recommend paper sheets that are fairly thin, e.g. 40g to 60g should be ok, provided that your printer can handle it. I prefer paper that is just a tiny bit gray -- white paper is to bright. If you are using double-sided printout, then you need to use A4 paper sheets. After you have printed the pages out, cut them up according to the marks on the page. Please! Do use a paper cutter. Using a pair of scissors does not give good results. Cut the holes using a special-purpose Filofax cutter.

Please report any errors that you may find in these pages to me (, and I will try to fix them. And please do contact me if:

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