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* Reidar Conradi (red.): "Dataproblemer (computer risks) i Norge og andre land" (.html).
* Academic junior positions - or "bastards" ("lausungar": what and how?, NTNU, Dragvoll meeting, 1 Dec. 2008.
* Some Snapshots of Internet History.
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* An int'l mini-survey of CS freshmen recruitment to some universities", per 4. Sept. 2007 (7p, .doc).
* Utdanningsstatistikk i IKT for 1990-2006, master- og dr.nivå", per 2. sept. 2007 (2s, .doc).
* Studentopptak for Linjen for Datateknikk ved NTNU i 1996-2007, per 2. sept. 2007 (.doc).
* Revised presentation of Software Engineering group of 22 Aug. 2007 (.ppt -- 456 KB).
* Næringsrapporten: Programvarebransjen i Norge 2004, IKT-Norge (red.), 10. des. 2004, 21 s. (101 KB). Se også omtale i Aftenposten 10. des. 2004.
* Næringsrapporten: Programvarebransjen i Norge 2005, IKT-Norge (red.), vår 2008, xx s. (176 KB).

Reidar Conradi

Reidar Conradi is a professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science (Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap, IDI), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, NTNU), Trondheim, Norway.

High density picture of me    Short bio.
Born: 1946 in Oslo.

Education: Siv.ing. (MSc) engineering physics, NTH, 1970; dr.ing. (PhD) computer science, NTH, 1976.

Position: Professor since 1985, see short CV (.doc),  complete publication list (.php3).

Group at IDI: Home page of SU group (SystemUtvikling - Software Engineering),  with complete publication lists and project information.

Interests: Software quality, software process improvement, empirical studies, experience bases, process modelling, configuration management, object-orientation, reuse, OSS, COTS, programming languages, innovation and technology transfer.
In general: Politics, history, economics, ecology, jazz, swimming, walking, family, Italian, ice cream.

Notes on my father, Lorentz Angell Conradi (1915-77).   Notes on the Conradi family (from ca. 1700).

Previous positions: Researcher at SINTEF 1972-75, assis./assoc. prof. at NTH (now NTNU) 1975-1985. Recent sabbatical at Univ. Maryland and Politecnico di Milano, Aug.1999 - July 2000, see report (in .html) or (in .pdf). In 2010/2011 at BTH in Karlskrona (.html).

Member of IFIP WG 2.4 on Programming Technology from 1976, of  ISERN (Int'l Software Engineering Research Network) since 1997, and of several other national and international bodies and committees.

Some relevant software engineering definitions: SE glossary (preliminary per 22 Aug. 2003 - .html) and Infosam2020 contributions per 14 Dec. 2004 - .php).


Three current projects:
* EVISOFT - EVIdence-based SOFTware process improvement, with Norwegian IT industry, NTNU, SINTEF, and UiO (NFR-supported, Jan. 2006 - July 2011).
* SMARTGRID - internal IME/IDI project for improving elpower infrastructure (PhD students NN1 and NN2, 2011-2015).
* ECOSS - Experience and Challenges with Open Source Software, 2009-2015 (internal SU project), with postdoc Daniela Soares Cruzes in 2009-2013, and PhD student Anh Nguyen Duc in 2011-2015.

Some past R&D projects:
* norskCOSI, ITEA2 research project on OSS usage, with IKT-Norge and 3 ICT companies (NFR-supported, 2006-08).
* SEVO: basic research project on Software EVOlution (NFR, 2003-2004),
* BUCS: basic research project on Business Critical Software (NFR, 2003-2007),

* TDT4290 Customer-driven Project -- 4th year (with Jon Atle Gulla),
* TDT4851 Experts in team (interdisciplinary project work) -- 4th year (shared with three others at IDI), 2007 version,
* Diploma (MSc) theses of SU group (shared in SU group): Spring 2002, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Spring 2006,
* PhD course DT8100 Object-oriented systems,
* some EEU courses for industry (e.g. OO-based development, software process improvement).

Phone: (+47) 73.593444, Mobile phone: (+47) 918.97029, Fax: (+47) 73.594466.
Email: conradi@idi.ntnu.no.
Postal address: IDI-Gløshaugen, NTNU, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway.
Office: IT-102, IT Building, Gløshaugen.

Please note: here is my travel schedule!

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