Some earlier projects




Telenor R&D project ŌMobile Peer-to-peer computingĶ (2000-2002)

I initiated and managed this project with funding from Telenor R&D. It involved a total of 8 M.Sc. student in computer science and product design. The funding was for equipment and travel. In addition to the funding through NTNU, T.A. ¯ritsland at dept. of Product Design and I consulted for Telenor on the subject. (Total project budget: 0.3 MNOK).


MOSAIC (1984-86)

I was the initiator of this project and managed the implementation of the Mosaic tool. This involved three programmers over a period of two years. The project later resulted in scientific publications, but most of my job at that time was as project lead for the programmers. (Total project budget: approx. 1 MNOK).


Simulation models for education (1987-88)

I got funding from Norwegian Research Council for a research assistant for one year. I managed this person, and we cooperated on the research. (Total project budget: approx. 0.4 MNOK)


COMSPEC (1992-96)

I functioned as a lead software architecture and user interface designer in the project. I got funding from the Nordic Council to hire a research assistant/programmer. I managed this person and directed the research done in Trondheim. (Total project budget for NTNU: approx. 0.3 MNOK)