Ongoing projects



Norwegian Center for Electronic Patient Record (NSEP) (2004-present)

NSEP was established in 2004 as a national center for research in health ICT. It got basic funding from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) for a 5 year period. I was involved in the project from the start, and have since its beginning been part of the five person Òleader groupÓ of NSEP. Most of my research since 2004 has been related to this center. (Total center budget: 25 MNOK).


NSEP usability laboratory (2003-present)

In 2003 I made an application to NFR for a full-scale usability laboratory for testing mobile ICT for hospitals. The application was prioritized as #1 from NTNU, and got funding from NFR (1.1 MNOK). NTNU committed themselves to pay 50% of a lab engineer for the lab over a four year period. I was at the same time involved in the establishment of NSEP. I got additional funding from NTNU and the NSEP project to co-locate the lab as part of NSEP. I designed the lab and together with the engineer I built a full-scale usability lab with movable walls. To our knowledge it is at present the only flexible usability lab of that size in Europe.


Since its opening in 2005 the lab has been used in a number of projects. I function as manager of the lab and handle the externally funded projects through IDI. Projects done so far in the lab include:

  • 2005: Usability test of Deriga«s MedAxess system. External funding from Deriga (now Visma). We hired an experienced usability expert from Kantega (a former student of mine) to do the testing.
  • 2005: Usability test of PDAs for controlling patient terminals. Master thesis done in cooperation with Cardiac Medical.
  • 2006: Usability tests of location-based systems. Part of Yngve Dahl«s PhD thesis. Done in cooperation with Telenor R&D and RadioNor AS.
  • 2006: Functional test of the Ekahau location-based technology in a simulated ward environment. Master thesis.
  • 2007: Usability test of Siemens« new mobile DocuLive module. External funding from HEMIT.
  • 2007: Usability test of Ground Control Lab«s mobile P2P system. Master thesis done in cooperation with the company.
  • 2007: Comparative test of MedAxess with cancer patients. Master thesis in cooperation with Visma.


In addition, the lab has been used by a number of students in smaller projects. The lab also functions as NSEPs lab for testing out technical solutions in realistic environments, and has been used for meetings that needed to be recorded.


The usability lab at rhus hospital in Denmark (ÒSkylabÓ) has been inspired by our lab. They built their lab last year after a visit in Trondheim in 2005. In august 2007 we had a visit from the ICT department of the Copenhagen health region in Denmark. They wanted to learn from us how to build up a similar lab. They now have three persons on that project in Copenhagen.


At present (sept. 2007) two persons are full time occupied with work in the lab in addition to my work as lab manager/director. (Total project budget up until now, including personnel costs: approx. 3 MNOK).



NFR VERDIKT project PocMap (2005-present)

In 2005 I made an NFR application together with ¯. Nytr¿ and A. Faxvaag for a research project on mobile ICT for doctors and nurses. We got funding from NFR for two post-docs and one PhD in three years. Together with Nytr¿ I function as project lead and manager of this project. I am also supervisor for the PhD student. The project is funded with approx. 1 MNOK by DIPS A/S. DIPS is the largest health-IT software company in Norway. (Total project budget: 7 MNOK).