The aim of this workshop is to facilitate knowledge exchange among the community of researchers interested in architecture and platforms for AMI, creating opportunities for synergies and for transferring knowledge across institutional and project boundaries.


The workshop is a collaborative proposal involving 4 different projects. These projects address, in different ways, the challenge of developing platforms for Ambient Intelligence. The workshop aims at bringing together the different perspectives gained in these projects, opening the discussion to the wider research community. In particular, focus will be on comparing and discussing lessons learned in the development of specific vs. generic platforms for AMI, with exchange of results. We are also interested in investigating the role of open source in promoting innovation in platform development.


The workshop topics include the following:

Platform architectures:

Middleware and service platform architectures

Experiences with various architecture styles such as P2P

Privacy and personalization architectures

Context-aware and adaptable architectures

Support for service composition and end-user configuration

Telecommunications and mobility support for service platforms

Platform architectures for collaboration support

Innovative APIs, application models, and standards


Experience report on building AmI applications on top of existing platforms

Requirements for platforms and platform architectures

Supporting personalization and context awareness

 Applications supporting presence and collaboration


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