Dr. Anne C. Elster's Collaborations with CERN

Dr. Elster established formal collaborations with the CERN Grid projects after a visit in April 2003.
Elster's Master student, Glenn Hisdal, was her first to finish his thesis at CERN in the summer of 2004 after spending the summer of 2003 as well as spring 2004 there.

This summer (2009) two students, both who have taken her TDT 4200 Parellel Computing class, will join the CERN Openlab project:

Rune Erlend Jensen -- to work with CERN CTO Sverre Jarp on compilers

Martin Tverdal -- to work with Joao Correia Fernandes

They were recently featured in the NTNU paper "Universitetsavisa"'s article "Med kurs for webbens vugge" on May 28, 2009.

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  • Arpil 15, 2005 article in Universitetsavisa , (in Norwegian) about a new initiative for bringing Norwegina students to CERN.
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    Contact Prof. Elster for details re. the 2009/2010 CERN Programs.

    More details on recent NTNU CERN Openlab Students:

    Summer 2006 students:

    Summer 2006 two more IDI students joined the CERN Openlab grid program :

    Atle Rudshaug and

    Martin Tingstad .

    In addition Johan G. Hansen (MS student IDI) has gotten an internship there for the fall 2006 semeter.

    2004-2005 students:

    Four more students (Andresen, Bjerke, Braathen, and Lund) from Elster's TDT 4200 Parallel Computing class and joined the CERN Openlab Summer 2004

    Adresen, Bjerke and Braathen finished their MS Theses at CERN (co-supervised by CERN staff and Elster) in 2005.

    Ingunn Lund and her partner Anja Lonningen received the Best M.S. Student Poster Award at NOTUR 2005.
    Rune J.Andresen -- Openlab Project: "Linux Virtualizaton"
    Håvard Bjerke -- Openlab Project: "Grid Survey"
    Andreas Braathen -- Openlab Project: Smartfrog
    Ingunn Lund -- OpenLab project: Oracle
    Ingunn finished her MS thesis on high-availability systems trough cluster technologies in our Database group with Prof. Hvasshovd as her advisor.

    2003-2004 student:

    Glenn Hisdal joined the CERN Openlab program Summer 2003 and went on to do a MS Thesis at CERN spring 2004 co-supervized by Elster and CERN staff.
  • Glenn Hisdal's Summer 2003 report from CERN "10Gb Ethernet Back-to-Back test"

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