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Alumni of Dr. Elster's
HPC Research Group at IDI/NTNU

On this page you will find photos and infomation on alumni of The High-Performance Computing (HPC) Research Group at IDI/NTNU.

Our group is part of the Algorithms, HPC and Graphics Group at the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at the Norwegian Univ. of Science and Technology.

The group's founder is Dr. Anne C. Elster who is also its current leader.

Most of the HPC group members, fall 2006

Previous Master students Supervised by Dr. Elster -- Chronological Order:

-- post grad employment:
Degree/year Thesis title/pdf-link
1. Robin Holtet
-- Cluster support NTNU
(IDI & ITEA) 2003-2004;
presently at Oslo company
June 2003
"Communications-reducing Stencil-based Algorithms and Methods"
2. Torbjørn Vik
-- Schlumberger, Oslo
June 2003
"Real-Time Visual Simulation of Smoke"
3. Åsmund Østvold
-- Fellowship at U Minnesota; SCALI
June 2003
"Tidsmåleteknikker for MPI kollektive kommunikasjons operasjoner"
4. Snorre Boasson
-- NTNU HPC Center (ITEA)
June 2004
"Parallel I/O Issues"
5. Glenn Hisdal -- Developer at TV in Bergen, Norway (Jan 2005-present) M.Tech.
June 2004
"Service Discovery Techniques for Distributed Systems using SmartFrog"
(co-supervised at CERN)
6. Tor Arvid Lund -- CTO at QSystems Retail AS, Oslo M.Tech.
June 2004
"Porting a Monte Carlo Code fom Shared Memory to Computational Clusters"
joint project with Statoil Research
7. Jan Christian Meyer
-- NOTUR project; current PhD student
June 2004
"Load Balancing Visualisation Servers"
joint project with Schlumberger Voxel Vision
8. Frode Nilsen
-- Software Inovation (2005-present)
June 2004
"Portal Development for Grid Technologies"
joint project w/ NOTUR
9. Morten Rodal M.Tech.
June 2004
"Scalability of Seismic Codes on Computational Clusters"
joint project w/ Statoil Research
10. Einar Råberg Rosenvinge M.Tech.
June 2004
"On-line Task Scheduling on Heterogeneous Clusters: An Experimental Study"
(co-supervised w/ Banino -- currently w/ Yahoo!
11. Håvard Bjerke
-- CERN fellow
July 2005
"HPC Virtulization with Xen on Itanium"
Co-supervised w/ Sverre Jarp at CERN
12. Rune Johan Andresen M.Tech.
Aug. 2005
"HPC File Server Monitoring and Tuning"
Co-supervised w/ Sverre Jarp at CERN
13. Andreas Braathen M.Tech.
Aug. 2005)
"Harware and Software Surveilance"
Co-supervised at CERN
& with Dr. Jørn Amundsen
14. Thorvald Natvig
-- curent PhD student
(on leave 2007-2008 at IPT, NTNU)
June 2006
Automatic Optimization of MPI Applications
15. Øystein Borg
-- WestenGeco, Schlumberger (2006-2009), Now at FAST, Microsoft, Oslo.
June 2006
  • Master thesis: "Dynamic Selction of MPI Intra-copy Routines Based on Program Characteristics"
    -- joint project with SCALI
  • 16. Ingar Saltvik
    -- Fast Resarch & Transfer/Microsoft
    June 2006
    "Parallel Methods for Real-Time Visualization of Snow"
    17. Idar Borlaug
    -- Consultant at Acando (2007-2008), now consultant at Bouvet ASA, Bergen
    June 2007
  • MS Project (with Knut Imar Hagen) "Parallelization of an Open Source Game"
  • MS Thesis: "Seismic Processing Using Parallel 3D FMM"
    -- joint project with Schlumberger
  • 18. Knut Imar Hagen
    -- Consultant at Abeo (2007), since 2007 consultant at Acando
    June 2007
  • MS Project (with Knut Imar Hagen) "Parallelization of an Open Source Game"
  • Master thesis: "Fault-tolerance for MPI Codes on Computation Clusters"
    -- joint project with Statoil
  • 19. Nils Magnus Larsgård
    -- IBM Sevices(2007-2009), Now Analyst at Accenture, Norway.
    June 2007
    Framework for Converting MPI Codes to Hybrid OpenMP/MPI Codes
    20. Christian Larsen
    -- Roxar , Stavanger, then
    -- Schlumberger, Stavanger (Sep 1, 2009)
    June 2007
  • MS Thesis: "Framework for Polygonial Structures Computations on Clusters"
  • Master project (Fall 2006): "Utilizing GPUs on Cluster Computers"
    -- joint projects with Schumberger
  • 21. Erik Axel Nielsen
    -- consultant at Bearingpont (2007-2008), since Aug 2008 Consultant at McKinsey in Oslo
    May 2007
    "Realt-time Wavelet Filtering on the GPU"
    -- joint project with GE Healthcare
    22. Thibault Collet M.Tech.
    July 2007
  • Master thesis: "Massively Online Games with Food Chains"
  • 23. Atle Rudshaug
    -- Numerical Rock, Trondheim
    June 2008
    "Optimizing & Parallelizing a Large Commercial Code for Modeling Oil-well Networks"
    -- joint project with Yggdrasil
    24. Andreas Bach
    -- Uninett Sigma, Trondheim
    September 2008
    "Profiling and Optimizing a Seismic Application on Modern Architectures"
    -- joint project with StatilHydro
    25. Robin Eidissen
    -- Part-time for HPC-lab, Sp2009
    Feb. 2009
    Master thesis: "Utilizing GPUs for Real-Time Visualization of Snow"
    26. Rune Erlend Jensen
    -- CERN (Summer 2009), NTNU Q2S (Fall 200)
    May 2009
    Master thesis: "Techniques and Tools for Optimizing Codes on Modern Architectures: A Low-Level Approach"
    27. Rune Johan Hovland
    -- Sirius IT
    June 2009
  • Master project: "Latency and Bandwidth Impact on GPU Systems"
  • Master thesis: "Throughput Computing on Future GPUs"
  • 28. Henrik Falch Hesland
    -- Accenture (late Aug'09)
    June 2009
  • Master project (w/ Aksnes): "GPU Techniques for Porous Rock Visualization"
  • Master thesis: "GPU-Enabled Interactive Pore Detection for 3D Rock Visualization "
  • 29. Eirik Ola Aksnes
    -- NTNU PhD?
    July 2009
  • Master project (w/ Hesland): "GPU Techniques for Porous Rock Visualization"
  • Master thesis: "Simulation of Fluid Flow Through Porous Rocks on Modern GPUs"
  • 30. Daniel Haugen
    July 2009
  • Master project:"Lapped Orthogonal Transform Using Multiple GPUs", Fall 2008, Advisor: Elster, Co-advisor: Tore Fevang, Schlumberger
  • Master thesis: "Seismic Data Compression and GPU Memory Latency" Advisor: Elster. co-advisor: Tore Fevang, Schlumberger
  • 31. Åsmund Herikstad
    July 2009
  • Master thesis: "Parallel Techniques for Estimation and Correction of Aberration in Medical Ultrasound Imaging" Advisor: Anne C. Elster; Co-Supervisor: Svein-Erik Måsøy (NTNU Med.Tech)
  • Master proj: Sound Processing on GPUs (fall 2008)
  • 32. Owe Johansen
    Lektor -- Høyskolen i Nesna, Mo i Rana
    July 2009
    Master thesis: "Seismic Shot Processing on GPU"
    33. Daniele Giuseppe Spampinato
    -- ETH PhD prog
    July 2009
  • Master project: "Linear Optimizations with CUDA"
  • Master thesis: "Modeling Communication on Multi-GPU Systems"
  • 34. Ahmed Aqrawi
    -- Schlumberger Stavanger
    June 2010
  • Master project: "Three Dimensional Convolution of Large Data Sets o n Modern GPUs", Advisor: Elster, Co-advisor: Victor Aarre (Schlumberger Stavange r)
  • Master thesis topic: Large seismic data processing on GPUs, Advisor: Elster, Co-advisor: Christian Larsen (Schlumberger Stavanger an d HPC-Lab alumn)
  • 35. Aleksander Gjermundsen
    -- 2010: military service
    July 2010
    • Master's thesis topic: Sound Pre-processing on GPUs
    • Master project "LBM vs. SOR Solvers on GPUs and Real-Time Sn ow Simulations", Fall 2009, Advisor: Elster
    36. Andreas Hysing
    -- Consultancy in Oslo
    Aug 2010
    • Master project topic: Seismic processing on GPUs
    in collaboration with Statoil
    37. Øystein Krog
    -- Trheim Golf Sim SW company
    July 2010
  • Master project: SPH fluid modeling on GPU
  • Master thesis topic: Avelanche modeling on GPUs
  • 38. Holger Ludvigsen
    -- Bekk Consulting, Oslo
    June 2010
  • Master project:" Ray tracing using NVIDIA Opitix"
  • Master thesis topic: Medical imaging

  • Post Docs:
    John Paul Ryan -- Post Doc (RSO)
    • Topic: Heterogenous computing
    Dr. Ryan joined HPC-Lab March 1, 2010. He previously has lots of experiece on Cluster and Grid computing from Dublin, Ireland. He helped us get starting in our Heterogeneous Cloud project THOR before deciding to pursue other oportunities back in Ireland, Summer 2010.

    Dr. Henrik R. Nagel -- Researcher
    Dr. Nagel finished his Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, Laboratory of Computer Vision and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Denmark in 2005. He has an M.S. in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from University of Aarhus, Denmark in 1994. While at Allborg he worked as an Assistant Professor, and has also been an HPC student and teacher at Dept. of Supercomputing, DGSCA, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico (1997-1999) and a Programer at SynergiData, Denmark (Dec. 1996- Aug 1997)
    He was a Post Doc with Dr. Elster 2005-2007 and continued as a Researcher joint with ITEA spring & summer 2007. As of Sept. 1, 2007, he will be full-time at ITEA. His research focus is on using grid technology to integrate visualization and computations.
    Dr. Nagel also helped out with the organization of the SIMS 2005 conference that was held at NTNU in October 2005 and is the co-editor of its proceedings.

    PhD Student(s): (yr. graduated) -- post grad employment:
    Other students supervised:

    Some HPC-Lab Photos

    HPC-Lab meeting June 15, 2010

    HPC-Lab members -- March 2010 (Photo by Kai Dragland)

    HPC Group Photo -- Spring 2007

    In back from left: Nils Magnus Larsgård , Erik Axel Nielsen , Idar Borlaug , Thorvald Natvig, and Dr. Anne C. Elster (group leader)
    In front from left: Thibault Collet , Christan Larsen , Knut Imar Hagen , and Henrik R. Nagel.
    Dr. Jørn Amundsen and Jan Christian Meyer were not present in this Spring 2007 photo.

    Some IDI/NTNU HPC group members, fall 2006

    Other Students with strong connection to Dr. Elster:

    Gaojie He -- Master of Science student, IDI, NTNU
    • Master project:" GPU Parallelization of the Gomoku Game Engine", Fall 2009, supervized by Elster
    • Gaojie is currently doing his MS thesis with Prof. Kjetil Nørvåg

    Olav Fagerlund -- Master of Technology student, IDI, NTNU
    • Master project: OpenCL vs. CUDA, Fall 2008, Advisor: Elster
    • Master thesis topic: OpenCL -- with Prof. Lasse Natvig in collaborations with Japan, Fall 2009
    • SC'08 HPC-Lab booth duties
    • Attending Apple Developer Conference in San Francisco, June 2009

    Åsumund Eldhuset -- Master of Technology student, IDI, NTNU
    • Master project: "Edge Detection on GPUs Using CUDA" (supervized by Elster in collaboration with Schlumberger), Fall 2008
    • National IT-student (Årets IT-student) 2008
    • Åsmund did his MS thesis under Prof. Lasse Natvig as an honorary HPC-Lab member
    • SC'08 booth duties for HPC-Lab

    Jostein Tveit -- MS project Student, IDI, NTNU
  • Project: Secure MPI
  • Employer (2005): BBS Trusted Services
    Mr. Tveit worked at BBS Trusted Services (Norwegian central electronic warehouse for banking) Summers 2002 and 2003, and did his MS thesis with them (contact: Tor Rustad, IT security at BBS) and Prof. Stig Frode Mjølsnes, Dept. of Telematics, NTNU. He completed his M.S. thesis by Jan 2004.

  • Paul Sack -- Honor Thesis project, Univ. of Texas at Austin (summer 2001)
  • Honors Project: MPI Multicasting
    Mr. Sack was working on HPC Benchmarking at NTNU sponsored by ITEA (May 27 through Sept. 20, 2002).
    He joined the MS/PhD program in C.S. at the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in January 2003.
    He now has a new hair cut:

  • Rolv Inge Seehuus -- MS Student, IDI, NTNU
    (Co-advised with Torbjørn Hallgren (main advisor), IDI and Morten Eriksen, Systems in Motion)
  • Project/MS Thesis topic: "Fysiskkbasert animasjon av fluider" (Physics-based Animation of Fluids) -- graduated Summer 2002
    Mr. Seehus is currently a PhD student at NTNU on leave at Kongsberg SIM (Systems in Motion).

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