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Oct. 28, 2008

11:15-15:00, 4th floor ITV
(formerly "Nye fysikk")


    11:15-11:30 Gathering in Oasen/ITV 454 (pick up pizza ticket)
  • Opening by Dean Arne Sølvberg
  • Comments by IDI Dept. Head Kjell Bratbergsengen
  • Welcome by HPC-Lab Director Anne Elster
  • Short presentation by Owe Johansen on his check-point restart project with Statoil-Hydro
  • 11:45-13:00 Pizza, fruit and snacks in ITV 454 (sign-up/ticket required)
    13:00-15:00 Demos in the HPC-Lab: (will run continously for those interested)
    • Snow demos by Robin Eidissen (large screen)
    • 3D demos by Rune Jensen
    • Line finding w/ Åsmund Eldhuset (Schlumberger project)
    • Filtering noise from voice input by Åsmund Herikstad
    • Petrell demos by Henrik Hesland and Eirik Aksnes
    • Parallel mandelbroth by Olav Fagerlund
    • Configuring and optimizing GPGPU hardware by Rune Hovland
    • ...

HPC-Lab members Fall 2008: In back from left: Rune Hovland, Daniel Haugen, Aasmund Eldhuset, Olav Fagerlund, Owe Johansen, Henrik Hesland and Rune Jensen. In front from left: Aasmund Herikstad, Jan Christian Meyer, Anne C. Elster, Eirik Aksnes and Daniele Spampinato. Missing: Thorvald Natvig and Robin Eidissen.

Rune Jensen and HPC-Lab Director Anne C. Elster
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Collaborators/Sponsors: CERN, IO Center, NVIDIA, SCALI, Schlumberger, Statoil-Hydro and others.

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