A Master's Thesis in Language Technology or Computational Creativity

  1. Find a project

    • Either: Look at my lists of suggested projects
    • Or: Suggest a project of your own in the language processing or computational creativity fields.

    But also "shop around": Select at least 3-5 themes that interest you, from at least 2-3 different supervisors (the last years 50-60 students/year have been interested in some of my projects, but I can only supervise around 10/year...)

    Note: The Master's Thesis is your chance to work on something that you decide for a whole year. So take it as an opportunity to do that! And thus, make sure to pick a subject that really interests you.

  2. Discuss the topic with me

    I want to have a talk to you before I sign up to be your supervisor (e-mail me first so we can agree on a time to meet).
    The purpose of the talk is to discuss the projects you are considering, why you are interested, and what can come out of these projects.
    If you cannot come in person (e.g., if you are an exchange-student doing the fourth year abroad), then send me an e-mail and let me know why you have an interest in a specific project, and we take it from there.

    So: contact Björn, so we can discuss the opportunities.

  3. Goal for the First Semester (Fall)

    Regardless of whether you're a Computer Science or Informatics major, the goal of the first semester is to write a report that shows that you are up to speed with the subject area and defines the actual Master topic for the Spring (all project suggestions need to be instantiated - and that's what you'll need to do during the first semester).
  4. Goal of the Master (Spring)

    Of course the primary goal of any master project is to write a master thesis.

    However, a master thesis supervised by me would definitely not be complete unless it included a working prototype system.

    And, the thesis itself (and hence the project) should be at a level where it would be feasible to publish the results at an international conference or workshop - so writing a scientific paper based on the thesis is a clear goal (if successful, this would normally entail for the student to travel to, and present the work at, an international meeting).

    Note though that there is no requirement that the thesis work should be submitted to any conference, only that the quality of the work should be at that level.