How to proceed if you want to take some of the projects I have on offer

Over the last years I have been fortunate to get more people wanting to take my projects than I have time to supervise. The down-side of this is that I have had to say no to some of the students that wanted my projects. This is obviously unfortunate, so to make sure that I let the most interested students get the projects they crave for, I have started using this procedure:

Step 1: You find projects your are interested in...

Step 2: Required background...
I am expecting students applying for any of my projects to have an interest in the same types of models and techniques that I like to work with. The best way to assure this to be true is if you have followed one or more of the courses where I am involved: Finally, I like math. I am not requiring you to do so, too, but I have come to realize that a student who enjoys working with formal methods tend to have a better time under my supervision than a student who doesn't. So, if you are looking for a "coding-only"-project and aren't really that bothered about why whatever you implement is reasonable and sound, then I'd recommend that you look at proposals from other supervisors than me.

Step 3: We need to talk...
I want to have a talk with you before I sign up to be your supervisor (email me first so we can agree on a time to meet). The purpose of the talk is to discuss the projects you are considering, why you are interested, and what can come out of these projects. Note! If you request to take one of my projects but don't stop by for a talk, I will probably not take you on. If you cannot come in person (e.g., if you are an exchange-student doing the fourth year abroad), then send me an email and let me know why you have an interest in a specific project, and we take it from there.

So... I hope you are still interested in some of my projects. If so please contact me (email: helge.langseth@ntnu...) so we can discuss the opportunities. To benefit all students I want to tell you guys who I am able to take on and who I am not before the summer holidays. This means that the sooner we can talk, the better! I will fill my available slots by July 1st, and will not be able to accept students after that, so why not get in touch as soon as possible?

See you around!