Helge Langseth's Ph.D. ("Dr.Ing.") thesis


Bayesian Networks with Applications in Reliability Analysis


Public lecture: The Hammersley-Clifford theorem and its Impact on Modern Statistics

Summary of the thesis


Available as one file (including introduction to the thesis).

List of papers:



Paper 1:
Helge Langsth and Bo Lindqvist:
A maintenance model for components exposed to several failure mechanisms.

Invited paper: Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Reliability (Eds.: K. Doksum and B. H. Lindqvist), 2002. Also available as Technical report Statistics 10/2002, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Norwegian University for Science and Technology

Paper 2:
Helge Langseth and Finn V. Jensen:
Decision Theoretic Troubleshooting.

Published in Reliability Engineering and System Safety 80(1):49-61, 2003.

Paper 3:
Helge Langseth and Thomas D. Nielsen:
Hierarcical Naive Bayes models for classification.

Technical Report TR-02-004, Depatment of Computer Science, Aalborg University.
Revised version published in Machine Learning 63(2), pp. 135-159.

Paper 4:
Helge Langseth and Olav Bangsø:
Parameter Learning in Object Oriented Bayesian Networks.

Published in Annals of Math & AI 32(1/4):221-243, 2001.

Paper 5:
Helge Langseth and Thomas D. Nielsen:
Fusion of Domain Knowledge with Data for Structural Learning in Object Oriented Domains.

Published in Journal of Machine Learning Research 4:339-368, 2003.