Near Infinity - An Infinity Engine Browser & Editor
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  Last updated: November 14, 2003 11:56
What is Near Infinity?
Near Infinity is a combined browser and editor for games based on BioWare's Infinity Engine.
It supports both Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2 and Planescape: Torment as well as the official expansion packs. Limited support for Neverwinter Nights is also included.

Near Infinity is distributed for free under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Near Infinity contains the PlasticXP look & feel from and icons from These are released under the BSD license and the Common Public License respectively.

Note: I take no responsibility for any damage Near Infinity might cause to Infinity Engine games, your computer or your health. Use Near Infinity at your own risk.

Who am I?
Near Infinity is created by Jon Olav Hauglid. Bug reports, questions and comments can be sent to
  • Browse and investigate games built using the BioWare Infinity Engine.
  • Seamless editing of almost all file types.
  • Integrated compiler and decompiler for scripts.
  • Edit existing strings in dialog.tlk and add new strings.
  • Extensive search capabilities.
  • Supports every published Infinity Engine game (and expansion packs).
Editable file types
Text format typically used to store AD&D rules
ARE Area content
BCS Compiled script files
BIF Archive containing resources (viewable indirectly)
BIO Character biographies
BS Compiled script files
CBF Archive containing resources (viewable indirectly)
CHR Exported characters
CHU GUI specification
CRE Creature descriptions
DLG Dialogs
EFF Effects
GAM Saved games
IDS Labels for engine internals
INI Quest information
ITM Items
KEY Directory of resources (viewable indirectly)
MUS Music (playback only possible by using external program)
PRO Projectiles
RES Character biographies
SAV Saved games
SPL Spells
SRC Text displayed over a persons head (Torment)
STO Stores
TLK Text strings
VVC Visual effects
WED Area layout
WFX ???
WMP World map
Viewable file types
ACM Sound clips (only possible by using external program)
BAM Animations and icons
BMP Images and palettes
MOS Images
MVE Movies
PLT Paper dolls
TGA Images (NWN)
TIS Tilesets
WAV Sound clips (playback only possible by using external program)
  Every editable file type (of course)