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  Last updated: January 24, 2004 18:16

Download v1.32 of Near Infinity: NearInfinity.jar (865 KB). The source code (357 KB) is also available for those interested in how Near Infinity was made. Both these files are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

When I'm working on a new version of Near Infinity, I sometimes release a beta version to let someone test a fix of a bug they have reported. Keep in mind that beta versions represent work in progress and might contain serious bugs not present in the release version. Download only if you like living on the bleeding edge. No list of changes is available - source code available upon request. Current beta: 1.32.1 beta 24.

Getting Near Infinity to run
You need Java installed to start Near Infinity. To download and install Java, go to, and click "Get It Now". This site can also be used to check if you have the latest version of Java installed. Alternativly, you can download and install the Java 2 JRE, Standard Edition manually. Mac OS X users should install Java 1.4.1 for OS X using Software Update (OS X 10.2.3 or newer required).

After Java has been installed, Near Infinity should start if you double-click NearInfinity.jar. If not, check the troubleshooting section below.

Things to check if you can't get Near Infinity to run:
  • A full installation of your Infinity Engine game of choice is necessary.
  • Try to download this ZIP-file instead and unzip it to get NearInfinity.jar. Some versions of Netscape are known to corrupt .jar-files.
  • Use to check if Java is installed properly and that you have the latest version.
  • An alternative way of starting Near Infinity: Download NearInfinity.bat and double-click it instead. (Put it in the same folder as the jar-file)
  • You'll need a file named NearInfinity.jar. If your browser has renamed the file to something else, rename it back.
  • Don't unzip NearInfinity.jar. It is really a ZIP-file, but it must stay compressed to work.
  • Java programs are by default restricted to 64 MB of RAM. This limit can be too low if you use NI for long periods without restart. Use NearInfinity128.bat to start NI with the limit raised to 128 MB.
  • If you get strange crashes when trying to start Near Infinity, try updating your video drivers.
  • If you use IE to download the jar-file, make sure "Save as type" is set to "All Files" in the "Save as" dialog box.

If none of these tips work, e-mail me at and I'll help you out.

Playing sounds and music (optional)
In order for Near Infinity to be able to play sounds and music, you'll need a copy of a program called acm2wav.exe. This program converts sound clips from Interplay's proprietary sound format ACM to the more common WAV-format (which Near Infinity can play).

However, this program is not included with Near Infinity and never will be. This is due to my impression that Interplay doesn't want this program to be distributed and my intention to not cause too many ripples in the water.

Without acm2wav.exe the only thing that you will be missing is the ability to listen to sounds and music from the Infinity Engine games.

For Near Infinity to find and use acm2wav.exe, it must be placed in the directory where the Infinity Engine game is installed or the directory where NearInfinity.jar is located.

Older versions  

Versions older than 1.06 are not available.