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Recent News Last updated: January 18, 2004 3:55
January 18th, 2004 - Progress report

Quite some time since version 1.32 was released, but I'm still not finished with the next release.I have however just released a new beta version with much improved support for Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For the most part it's still viewing-only, but editing should not be too difficult to add.

As for the Infinity Engine games, the latest betas contains several bug fixes, improved DLG/BCS editors, more compile time checks for scripts and much more.

September 16th, 2003 - Version 1.32 released

A really long time since the last release, but I'm not dead yet :-) Here are the changes since version 1.31:

  • Scripts:
    • Compile time check for strings. Checks S:Area*, S:DialogFile*, S:CutScene*, S:Item*, S:Sound*, S:TextList*, S:Effect*, S:NewObject*, S:Parchment*, S:Spell*, S:Store*, S:ToArea*, S:FromArea* and S:Areaname* arguments.
    • Compile time check for the currect number of values in P: arguments.
    • Support for multiple STATE.IDS (all games) and SPLCAST.IDS flags (IWD2 only) both for decompilation and compilation. To specify more than one flag, separate them by |
      Please note that this is a custom extension of the IE scripting language and that scripts containing | will not compile correctly with the official compiler.
    • Added more autogenerated comments to decompiled IWD2 scripts.
    • Added workaround for a bug in the default IWD2 TRIGGER.IDS (regarding ATTSTYL / ATTSTYLE).
  • Visuals:
    • Added PlasticXP to the Look and Feel options menu.
    • Replaced almost all icons with more colorful icons from
    • Updated viewers.
    • Updated menus.
  • Automatic file checkers:
    • Added script checker
    • Added corrupted file finder
  • NI used to only add new substructures below all current substructures of the same type. This limitation has now been removed. If you for example select a DLG state and then add a new state, it will be added above the selected state. (Did this make any sense?)
  • Find references now remembers the settings last used (not between sessions, though)
  • Made it possible to save scripts that has errors (you will only be warned)
  • Data updates to effects, STOs, CREs, ITMs and SPLs.
  • Newly opened windows will always be brought to the front.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Add copy of works properly in NWN.
    • Find IDS references in IWD2 was broken.
    • Find references in BCS and DLG scripts should now work much better.
    • Fixed terrible internationalization issue.
    • The DLG viewer is continously updated to reflect any edits. (Won't work for all types of edits)

PlasticXP with new icons

Even more automatic file checkers

Thanks to Kevin Dorner, Vlad Papper, Platter, Dudleyville, Grog, Ash McGowen, Josh Clue, Larry, Cirrerek, Xyx, Alexander Kuznetsov, Aaron (and more?) for help with this release.

Oh, and here is a neat project I just discovered: BG1Tutu

June 2nd, 2003 - Version 1.31 released

Changes since last version:

  • The last opened games are available as menu options on the game menu.
  • Added tool that searches for unknown IDS references (both scripts and structured files).
  • Added tool that searches for CREs with items that are not assigned to a inventory slot.
  • The tables used to display results can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.
  • Text files (2DA, IDS, etc) are converted to DOS format when saved (CR/LF).
  • Added support for version 1.1 of CREs (PS:T only).
  • Data updates to AREs and CREs.
  • BCS compiler identifies even more scripting errors.
  • The list used to select area ambient wavs now only displays wavs that are legal choices.
  • Added status bars to all resource windows. The bars also display cursor position when editing text files or scripts.
  • Added a special editor for IDS targeting effects.
  • "Add copy of" a BS file now puts the file in the scripts folder and not the override folder.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Fixed STO file corruption that could occur especially in STOs embedded in save games.
    • AREs embedded in PS:T save games can now be read properly.
    • ARE viewer was broken in version 1.30 (no great loss...)

Recently opened games

More automatic file checkers

Thanks to Kevin Dorner, Dyara, Daniel Newhouse, Cuv, Gebhard Blucher, Aaron and Ghreyfain for help with this release.

May 11th, 2003 - Web page redesign

Out with the old pages and in with the new. This change makes it much easier for me to update the pages. Not saying I will do so more often, though :-)

Most of the text is unchanged from the old pages, but at least menu options has been a bit updated. The old news items are currently missing, but will be converted to the new design soon. In addition, I plan to add a few more screenshots to some of the pages. Except from these two things, I consider the redesign pretty much completed.The new design no longer uses frames so it should be easier to link to different pages.

May 5th, 2003 - Version 1.30 released

Version 1.00 of Near Infinity was released exactly two years ago today. To celebrate this, here is version 1.30 :-) Since the last version, the source code has grown by a record 113 KB. So even if this site is pretty idle, NI is not dead yet. This is in large part thanks to the increasing number of feature requests, bug reports and general feedback I get. Everything is read even if I don't always answer right away.

Here are the (most important) changes since version 1.29.1:

  • Mac OS X support.Version 10.2.3 of OS X required in order to install version 1.4.1 of the Java Runtime Environment.
    • Switched from "Windows" look and feel to "Native". This gives Aqua look and feel on OS X and Windows on Windows.
  • Performance improvements
    • BCS compiler/decompiler at least 30% faster
    • Searching in structs (ARE, CRE, etc.) also faster
    • Lowered memory usage
  • Usability improvements
    • Improved editors for flags, resrefs, strrefs, ...
    • DLG script editor automatically performs compile check
    • WED display reorganized
    • Viewers present ResRefs as hyperlinks
    • Menus reorganized
    • Buttons for playback of StrRef sounds "everywhere"
    • DLG viewer updated to make navigation between view/edit easier
    • Will remember view/edit setting as long as file type remains constant
    • Will remember view/edit setting for subsections
    • All file open or save dialogs now default to game dir
    • Mass export BCS > BAF, can now choose output directory
    • DLG script checking, will now highlight attribute with compile error
    • Double-clicking can be used as a shortcut in almost every list and table
    • Placement and size of windows have been optimized
    • One more font is available from Options->Text Font
    • More tool tips
    • Lots of other minor stuff
  • Searching in text files
    • Hits presented all at once instead of one at a time
    • Instead of highlighting the entire line, only query term is highlighted
    • Text searching available from the new "Search" menu.
  • Script drop zone
    • Added option to write scripts as either BCS or BS files
    • Added option to specify output directory
    • Scripts containing errors can be opened and edited directly
    • Bugfix: If compiler errors are found, no file will be written
  • Other bugs fixed
    • CR/LF issue with DLGs fixed
    • Text searching had problems with query terms containing special characters
    • Several BCS compiler/decompiler bugs fixed (including some IWD2-only bugs)
    • Lack of acm2wav.exe will no longer produce endless error messages for MUS files
    • ARE doors now handle all types of vertices properly
    • Fixed a problem that could occasionally result in corrupted AREs.
    • BCS indentation of OR() would sometimes fail
    • Updated: CHR to CRE converter was broken in 1.29.1
  • Updates to CREs (including kits-attribute), ITMs, WEDs, VVCs, AREs and Effects
  • Added an option to check for ResRefs that point to non-existent files
  • WMP viewer added
  • CRE viewer updated
  • More WED attributes can be added, removed, cut, copied and pasted
  • Option to choose BCS indentation (2 spaces, 4 spaces, tab)
  • VAR.VAR editor added (PS:T only)

Compile check of DLG code

Table of results from text searches

Script drop zone options

WMP viewer


Thanks to Kevin Dorner, Dyara, Platter, Xyx, Westley Weimer, Ash McGowen, Gebhard Blucher, Mario Roma, SimDingo, Cirerrek, Avenger, Ghreyfain, Ginger Chen, Aaron, Thomas Vandenberghe and Caswallon for help with this release.

In October last year, I posted a fixed version of kit.ids for BG2. It turns out that this file still has some problems. But with help from Dyara and Knight, I've hopefully fixed the kit-issue this time. Read this thread at the TeamBG message boards for a full explanation. Basically, NI now uses kitlist.2da for CRE/CHR editing and kit.ids should be used for BCS scripts. Corrected kit.ids.

February 17th, 2003 - Version 1.29.1 released


  • Added option to keep the "Open file" dialog open when a file is opened. (Happy now?)
  • Changed "Unsupported version" dialogs so that they won't pop up during searching.
  • A minor GAM data update.
  • NI compiled using a different compiler. This is reported to fix various mysterious crashes :-)
  • BugFix: Version 1.29 made it impossible to add spells to most IWD2 CREs.
  • BugFix: BAM handling improved - removed several embarrassing bugs...
  • BugFix: The (de)compiler is better at handling custom namespaces (for example SetGlobal("RTWTEST","ARRTW1",1)).
  • BugFix: The resource tree now uses case insensitive sorting.
  • BugFix: Improved handling of lowercase resource names in chitin.key.

Thanks to Ghreyfain, Avenger, Dyara, Alaundo, Quitch, Gebhard Blucher and Denis Ribayrol.
With so much help, hardly any work is left for me :-)

February 10th, 2003 - Version 1.29 released

Due to vacation, travels, laziness and writing on my PhD, this version is extremely late. To make up for the long wait, this version has probably the largest number of changes ever.

The details:

  • Add/remove and cut, copy and paste has been almost completely rewritten.
    • Effects can be copied between SPLs, CREs and ITMs.
    • Variables, player and non-player characters can now be added or removed from GAMs.
    • Actors, vertices and items can be added or removed from AREs.
    • BugFix: Adding or removing something from AREs embedded in SAVs, now works properly.
    • BugFix: Adding or removing something with vertices would break the file.
  • Reorganized the display of AREs and GAMs. GAM viewer updated as a result.
  • The various text searching tools are now much faster.
  • Double-clicking a file in a SAV, now opens the file. (Similar to the "View/Edit" button).
  • Double-clicking list items in the various viewers, now opens the view window for the item. (Similar to the "View/Edit" button).
  • The "Open file" dialog is closed when a file is opened.
  • Many data updates to CREs, PROs, Effects, SPLs, STOs, AREs and ITMs.
  • Several file dialogs now display the full path to the file.
  • The "Open game" dialog now defaults to the directory of the last game opened.
  • The BCS compiler now recognizes even more scripting errors.
  • The interfaces for editing several attributes have been improved.
  • The text in the "StringRef Lookup" window can now be selected and copied.
  • Added compressed BAM <=> uncompressed BAM converter.
  • BugFix: Encrypted text files are now decrypted on export.
  • BugFix: "Match whole word only" would not work properly when searching.
  • BugFix: Fixed a bug that prevented Near Infinity from working under Linux.
  • BugFix: Empty non-interrupting DLGs would not be written correctly.
  • BugFix: The compiler and decompiler had problems with objects consisting of strings with spaces in them.
  • BugFix: The compiler would sometimes choke on hex numbers.
  • BugFix: The compiler required namespaces to be in upper case (for example "ar1234" would not work).
  • BugFix: The compiler recognizes the "MYAREA" namespace.
  • BugFix: The "Save changes?"-dialog would not always display for GAMs.
  • BugFix: The MUS player would play the wrong "end of battle" clips.
  • BugFix: The "Animation ID" lists would be incomplete for some games.
  • BugFix: Broken DLGs could previously freeze the dialog script checker.
  • Several minor GUI improvements.
  • Probably a few things I've forgotten...

Thanks to Avenger, Gebhard Blucher, Rene Heroux, Ghreyfain, Dyara, Vaskez, Eugene Gluzberg, Westley Weimer, Platter, Ash McGowen, Xyx, Extremist, Billy Zhao, Michael Helling, Grjgori, Michele, cbisson, Aaron (Wistrik) and probably a few I've missed.

I'll probably try to release smaller but more frequent updates in the future...
One last thing, make sure you use the latest version of java: v 1.4.1_01

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