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  Last updated: June 15, 2003 23:16
The makers of the Infinity Engine as well as Baldur's Gate 1 and 2.

Black Isle Studios
Publishers of BioWare's IE games as well as developer of Torment and Icewind Dale 1 and 2.

The Infinity Engine File Format Hacking Project
Invaluable resource. Most of the information used to make Near Infinity comes from this site.

Infinity Engine Structures Description Project
A more updated version of the resource above.

Infinity Explorer
Original inspiration. Has excellent area browsing features.

Home of many other Infinity Engine editors and an excellent message board.

Shadow Keeper
The best BG2 save game editor. BG1 and IWD editors are available on the same site.

Weimer's BG2 Mods
Home of WeiDU - A dialogue compiler, string patcher, script and text file extender for Infinity Engine games, as well as several mods.

A Yahoo group is dedicated to the modding of BG2, ToB and IWD Infinity Engine games.

Bug fixes

Another source of inspiration. Contains numerous unofficial bug fixes for BG2 and BG1. You cannot do without them.

Home of a comprehensive walkthrough for BG1 as well as a huge list of BG1 bugs.

Planescape: Torment Fix Pack
Unoffical bug fixes for Planescape: Torment.