2006 Lecture Schedule for DTAD-20: Advanced AI

Students are advised to read the relevant book chapters BEFORE the lectures. This is particularly important for this course, since labs and lectures will occur during my intense 3-day visits to Ostersund.

Session #1: January 24-26, 2006

Probabilistic Reasoning (Ch. 13) and Bayesian Networks (Ch. 14), along inductive methods (Ch. 18) and knowledge in learning (Ch. 19) will be covered in detail. Time permitting, we will begin discussing neural networks as well.

Session #2: February 14 - 16, 2006 (Tentative)

Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms will be covered with slides and videos that have no direct connection to the textbook. Swarm Intelligence will also be discussed, as will aspects of AI Philosophy (Ch. 26), if time permits.

Session #3: March 1-3, 2006 (Tentative)

Student demonstrations of projects + possible continued discussion of AI Philosophy (Ch.26)