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Note: This page is outdated. My current Python page is at

Hi, there. This is where I keep some of my Python projects. (Most of my projects are only half-finished experiments and are not on this page...) 'Nuff said...

Video Analysis in Python - my early attempts at creating a video analysis framework for Python.

Instant Python - a quick introduction to the Python programming language for people who know some programming. It has been translated into four languages with more on the way.

Instant Hacking - a quick introduction to programming in general, using Python for examples etc. Meant for people who haven't done any programming before, but that have managed to get their hands on a Python interpreter.

Both of my "Instant ..." articles have received praise from satisfied readers.

Editing distance algorithm in Python.

Implementing detect in Python - a simple preprocessor implementing a new construct... More information will appear in a while (perhaps).

piddlePS - An early implementation of a PostScript backend for piddle, a graphics API for Python that I have been involved in developing. (Note: This is not the current version.)

A minimal CGI publisher for python scripts. The usage is described in the doc string. It can be used to turn standard scripts into CGI-scripts by simply importing the module and appending a single function call at the end of the script. A simple example of its use can be found here. (This was an experiment, to see if it was possible to make a really tiny publisher that would still be useful. For a more complete publisher, see the ZPublisher component of Zope, previously known as "Bobo").

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