trondheim photos

This page shows photos from the city of Trondheim, Norway.

All photos: Copyright © Roger Midtstraum. All rights reserved. No unauthorized use allowed.

Nidaros Cathedral, September 1998.

Tyholt Tower, September 1998.

Wharves along Nidelven river, September 1998.

Lerkendal Stadium. Rosenborg - Brugge (2-0), Qualifying match for the Champions League, 12th of August 1998.

Bakklandet, RiT (hospital), Elgeseter bridge and Nidaros cathedral, as seen from Kristiansten Fortress.

Kristiansten Fortress.

Bratsberg just outside of Trondheim, 1988.

St Olav at the western wall of Nidaros Cathedral, July 2003.

Nidaros Cathedral.

Stiftsparken behind the Royal Residence, August 2003.

City centre, April 2003.

The 1997 World Championships in Granåsen. Gold Winner Bjørn Dæhlie as he starts the persuit race.

Leiv Eriksson Monument with Munkholmen in the background.

Wharves ("Brygger") reflected in Nidelven, December 2002. A closer look at Wharf reflections.

Kristiansten Fortress at night, March 2000.

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