My name is Massimiliano Ruocco. I am a Ph.D student at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) under the supervision of the Associate Professor Heri Ramampiaro.

I have obtained my Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science at University of Verona. My degree thesis was developed in the Technologies of Vision Research Unit Team (TEV) at FBK - Fondazione Bruno Kessler research center in Trento under the supervision of the senior researcher Dr. Roberto Brunelli (Tev - FBK) and Associate Professor Andrea Fusiello (University of Verona).


My research is focused on Social Media retrieval, Web Mining, and Information Retrieval. Therefore i am interested in the application of Data Mining Technique and Statistical Machine Learning on that field.


I am involved in the CAIM project (Context-Aware Image Retrieval and Management). The CAIM project will focus on research and the development of tools for context-aware image management, where image description, query formulation, retrieval from heterogeneous distributed environments, and ranking are designed for using context information. Important application domains are those requiring image capture and multimodal retrieval in mobile environments.



I am teaching assistant for the following courses:


Massimiliano Ruocco PhD Student
Sem Saelands vei 7-9
NO-7491 Trondheim
EMAIL: ruocco at idi.ntnu.no
PHONE: +47 735 94168