Ph.D. seminar for the software engineering group

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Date: Thursday April 15, 2004
Time: 09.00-16.00
Location: Room 242

On Thursday April 15, the software engineering group organizes a one day seminar for all of its PhD students. The main goal of the seminar is for the students to present something they want to discuss with the rest of the group. This may be the current status of their work, or another related research topic they want to discuss with the group. The seminar is organized as a plenary session where each presenter is granted a 20 minutes slot: 10 minutes presentation, 10 minutes of discussion.


09.00 Welcome and introduction
09.15 Finn Olav Abstract and question(s)
09.35 Jon Arvid Abstract
09.55 Calle Abstract and question(s)
10.15 Torgrim Abstract and question(s)
11.55 Magne Abstract and question(s)
11.15 Per Trygve Abstract and question(s)
11.35 Tor Abstract
11.55 Thomas Abstract and question(s)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Parastoo Abstract and question(s)
13.35 Glenn Abstract and question(s)
13.55 Ekaterina Abstract and question(s)
14.35 Eivind Abstract and question(s)
14.55 Jingyue Abstract and question(s)
Unable to attend Siv Abstract and question(s)
15.15Plenary discussion

Important dates

April 13, 2004Send the abstract and question(s) for your talk to Thomas
April 15, 2004The seminar


The students have three assignments:

  1. Write abstract and question(s)
  2. Read through all abstracts and questions in preparation of discussion
  3. Prepare your presentation
  4. Comment each presentation during the seminar

Assignment 1: Write abstract and question(s)

To allow the others preparation for the discussion, we all write a 100-200 word abstract for the presentation and come up with 1-3 points/questions for to discuss afterwards. These need to be made available to the rest of the group before convening Thursday (see deadlines above).

Assignment 2: Prepare a presentation

Each PhD student will hold a 10 minute presentation about a topic. The object is to provide an arena where the presenter can discuss questions/ problems concering her/his own work with the rest of the group. It is therefore vital that each presentation is clear about the topic and the problems/question the presenter wants to discuss with the group.

Assignment 3: Comment each presentation

After each presentation, each participants writes after 3 positive comments and at least 1 negative comment about each presentation. Each participant is given an "evaluation sheet" for each presenter, and has the responsibility to type it up and make it available some how.

The comments need to be something deeper than just, nice presentation, or good work. Rather they should enphasize the method, the idea, the technology used, etc. The negative comments (or directions for improvement) should be given and taken with generosity and open mindness.

Note that this activity will not take time from the meeting but will happen in paralel.

Past seminars

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