InterCorp Briefing

Time: 2200 hrs Wednesday 17th June 2099.

Phase-I: Intercorp has been actioned by the UropaČ colony to regain control
of their moon and destroy the rebel Kapones. Phase-I of the operation commenced
with the sending of six Covert Tekite Operatives (C.T.O's) from the Centurion
Taskforce onto the moon to gather forward intelligence for the following two phases. 

At 0200 hrs, four of the C.T.O's were transported back on board this Star Cruiser. The
fifth Centurion has been stranded on UropaČ and is the subject of Operation Nomad.
Contact was lost with the sixth C.T.O. and it's now known that he has been captured.
As a result of the intelligence gathered during Phase-I, the operations have
been planned for phase 2 and will commence at 0000 hrs. on the 18th.

Phase-II: The remaining Tekites from the Centurion Taskforce will be
transported down from this Star Shifter Cruiser to the moon of UropaČ below us. Each
Tekite has been given a series of Tactical Operations to perform, the details of these
operations are contained in your personal  Operations Folder .

These strike operations are aimed at the Kapones communications and command. Success
of these operations will weaken the rebel Kapones defences and lower their moral,
making the final major assault, Phase III, easier to complete. The details of 
Phase 3 will not be shared with the Tekites in the Centurion Task Force in case of 
capture and data interrogation.

Your Prime Directive is:

To rescue as many of the colonists as possible from each base. They should be returned
to this Star Cruiser via the main transporter room in each base. This is necessary so
that they may be returned to their normal functions on UropaČ once the battle for its
control has been won.

To destroy all Kapone Commanders within each base. If you fail to do this,it will make
phase 3 of the battle more difficult and result in the loss of more Tekite and human

Tekite Bluebeard, you will commence your mission in the main transporter room on the 
base of Castalia. Your first operation is "Blackout" (refer to  Operations Folder ).

It is necessary that you complete all operations and any further operations that maybe
communicated to you as you progress. 

Always remember your prime directive!

You have been supplied with a laser sword for use in stunning the Kapones, but it will
be necessary to obtain more powerful weapons in your quest to complete your assigned
operations. These weapons can be purchased from Armoury rooms within the bases. The
Colony will debit you as operations are successfully completed.

For travel between bases, we have managed to obtain an Eagle-V hovar. It 
appears to be in good working order and should enable you to travel to any base or
sector required by operations. You need all your skills to survive any enemy attacks 

Good luck, and...  Be careful out there.

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