Weapon Enhancements

There are six different weapon enhancements. Any combination or all of these can be
added to any droid weapon. Also most of these enhancements can be added to your Hovar
weapons although there are a few restrictions. Adding enhancements to a weapon is
explained in the section  Weapon Inventory .

Some of these are;

		This will enable the weapon to fire continuously by 
		holding down continuously on the fire button. 
		Without this added, it will be necessary to 
		continually press the button for a weapon to fire.

		Weapon Coolant
		This enhancement allows the weapon to cool down 
		a lot quicker.

		Heat-resistant barrel
		This enhancement will stop the weapon from 
		heating up quickly. It allows more shots to fire 
		before the weapon starts to over-heat.

		Adding this enhancement will increase the hitting 
		power of a weapon.
		Automatic sight
		This enhancement when added to a weapon will 
		restrict the weapon from firing when a friendly 
		(Colonist or other Tekite) is targeted. This 
		particularly useful for a weapon like the 
		mega-blaster which can sometimes hit a friendly 
		droid with its plasma spread.

		Green energy
		This enhancement will increase the efficiency of a 
		weapons use of ammunition. The amount of 
		ammunition used will be halved for that weapon.

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